Hosted by UKGTN

UKGTN aims to organise a one-day conference in London every two years.  Representatives from the UKGTN membership are brought together to provide an interdisciplinary forum for exploring key items on the NHS clinical genetics service agenda.

A number of workshops are run by UKGTN to progress specific projects outlined in the UKGTN work programme.



Measurable Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Rare Diseases

UKGTN organised a joint workshop with Genetic Alliance UK held in London on 14th August 2014 to discuss potential measurable clinical outcomes for patients with rare diseases. The workshop was attended by several Patient Support...

Jacqui Hoyle

Joint UKGTN/ACGS Workshop: Towards Clinical Genome Sequencing: Quality Assurance of Tests 10th February 2015

UKGTN and the Association of Clinical Genetic Science (ACGS) hosted a workshop on the 10th February 2015 at the Congress Centre in London.  70 delegates were in attendance including scientific representatives from UKGTN member...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN 4th Biennial Conference: Achieving Ambitions in Genomics Medicine 3rd December 2014

The 4th UKGTN Biennial Conference took place in London on 3 December 2014. The conference was attended by 80 delegates and focused on achieving ambitions in genomics medicine. The agenda included updates on implementation of the...

Jacqui Hoyle

Workshop to develop UKGTN Testing Criteria for Familial Breast/Ovarian Cancer

UKGTN held a joint workshop with the Cancer Genetics Group (CGG) on the 15th July 2014 at Chandos House, The Royal Society of Medicine in London.  The aim of the workshop was to develop UKGTN Testing Criteria for Familial...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN Meeting Report: Genetic Testing for Neurological Conditions

The PHG Foundation organised a conference, on behalf of UKGTN, to raise awareness of the latest developments in genetic testing in neurological conditions.  The conference took place on the 26th February 2013 at BMA House. 65...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN 3rd Biennial Conference: Transformation- Changes to Patient Care 22nd November 2012

The 3rd UKGTN Biennial Conference took place in London on 22nd November 2012.  The conference was attended by 92 delegates and focused on transformation of changes in patient care.  The agenda explored test evaluation and equity,...

Jacqui Hoyle

Marfan Syndrome Workshop to develop UKGTN Testing Criteria 5th September 2012

UKGTN organised the workshop that took place on 5th September and was attended by invited clinical geneticists, cardiologists, molecular scientists, genetic counsellors and Chair of the Marfan Association UK. Bart Loeys attended from Antwerp University Hospital as a key expert on the condition. A meeting report was published in December.