Terms of Reference

  1. Recommend the timely introduction of diagnostic tests that have been evaluated through established criteria; develop Testing Criteria and promote the most efficient use of laboratory resources.
  2. Set standards and criteria of UKGTN membership; provide guidance to assist in the promotion of efficient service provision to meet performance measures.
  3. Influence the development of information systems to achieve common definitions for genetics in order to work towards comparative benchmarking and activity measurement.
  4. Promote transparency and equity of access to the provision of tests for patients and the NHS.
  5. Horizon scan future genetic developments by gathering and evaluating clinical and technical intelligence to inform policy and commissioning decisions.
  6. Inform commissioners about developments in genetics to deliver health improvements and patient care in a rapidly developing subject in the context of a patient led NHS; advise commissioners on the appropriate use of resources to enable local decisions about service provision.
  7. Communicate with stakeholders about UKGTN work plans and projects.
  8. Advising and reporting on the implications and impact of developments.