UKGTN Clinical and Scientific Advisory Group (CSAG)

The remit of the UKGTN CSAG is to establish principles, define assessment criteria and influence mechanisms to inform the commissioning and provision of quality genetic laboratory services in the UK for NHS patients. The UKGTN CSAG meets twice a year, usually in March and September.  Both meetings include a review of the test recommendations from the Genetic Test Evaluation Working Group. Tests that are approved are included in the NHS Directory of Genetic Disorders/Genes for Diagnostic Testing and added to the on-line database of laboratory services. The recommended tests are also submitted to NHS England and to the equivalent departments for the devolved nations to be considered for NHS funding. The March meeting reviews the previous year’s annual work programme and agrees the following year’s work programme.

Members of UKGTN CSAG and its working groups provide expert input on topics related to their discipline to the best of their knowledge and ability, and make the CSAG aware of the full range of opinions within their discipline. Members also contribute towards the collective determination of the CSAG's view on matters outside their specific area of expertise.