UKGTN Clinical & Scientific Advisory Group Membership




Dr Rosalind Skinner

Association for Clinical Genetic Science

Dominic McMullan

Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors

Anna Middleton

British Society for Genetic Medicine

Prof Bill Newman

Cancer Genetics Group

Dr Lucy Side

Clinical Genetics Society

Prof Ruth Newbury-Ecob

Clinical Reference Group Medical Genetics (Chair)

Dr Frances Elmslie

Department of Health
Science Research and Evidence Directorate

Dr Monika Preuss

Devolved Countries - Ireland

Dr Jackie McCall

Devolved Countries - Scotland

Fiona Murphy

Devolved Countries - Wales

Dr Sian Lewis

Genetic Alliance UK

Jayne Spink

Joint Committee on Medical Genetics

Dr Nick Lench

Patient Representation
- Chronic Granulomatous Disorder

Dr Susan Walsh

Patient Representation
– CLIMB, National Information Centre for
Metabolic Diseases

Lindsay Weaver

Patient Representation
- Mucopolysaccharide Society

Christine Lavery

Personal Invitation

Professor Karen Temple

PHG Foundation

Dr Hilary Burton

Primary Care Genetics Society

Dr Imran Rafi

Public Health England

Edmund Jessop

Royal College of Pathologists

Dr Angela Douglas

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Dr John Livingston

Royal College of Physicians & UKGTN
Rare Disease Service Improvement Working
Group (Chair)

Dr Trevor Cole

UK Haemophilia Centre Doctors' Organisation

Dr Steve Keeney

UKGTN Director

Jacquie Westwood

UKGTN Genetic Test Evaluation
Working Group (Chair)

Dr Fiona Stewart

UKGTN Laboratory Membership and
Audit Working Group (Chair)

Lara Cresswell

UKGTN Scientific Advisor

Dr Fiona Macdonald

UKGTN Clinical Advisor

Dr Shehla Mohammed

UKGTN Public Health Advisor

Dr Mark Kroese

UKGTN Scientific Project Lead

Becky Treacy

UKGTN Programme Manager

Jane Deller

UKGTN Corporate and Information Manager

Peta Campbell