Genetic Test Evaluation Working Group

The Genetic Test Evaluation Working Group meet 6 times each year in London.

The UKGTN Project Team has implemented a change in the current process to include a second submission deadline of the 31st July to enable new test recommendations to be presented at both the spring and autumn CSAG meetings.  Several new members were appointed in 2014 to ensure sufficient representation at meetings to accomodate the revised process.

Dr Fiona Stewart (Chair)Consultant in Medical Genetics
Northern Ireland 
Glen BriceGenetics Counsellor
South West Thames Regional Genetics Service
William BeckettGenetics Counsellor
Manchester Regional Genetics Service
Matilda BradfordGenetics Counsellor
Peninsula Regional Genetics Service
Jane DellerUKGTN Programme Manager
Professor Diana EcclesConsultant Cancer Geneticist
Wessex Regional Genetics Service
Charlotte EddyGenetics Counsellor
South West Thames Regional Genetics Service
Professor Sian EllardUKGTN Scientific Expert Advisor
Dr Frances ElmslieConsultant Clinical Geneticist
South West Thames Regional Genetics Service
Dr Jacqui HoyleUKGTN Knowledge and Communications Manager
Dr Mark KroeseUKGTN Public Health Expert Advisor
Dr Peter Lunt

Senior Clinical Advisor
National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre
National School of Healthcare Science

Anita MatadeenGenetics Counsellor
Oxford Regional Genetics Service
Nick MeadeDirector of Policy 
Genetic Alliance UK
Dr Shehla MohammedUKGTN Clinical Expert Advisor
Louisa PetchyPolicy Officer 
Genetic Alliance UK
Sarah RoseGenetics Counsellor
South East Thames Regional Genetics Service
Julie SibbringClinical Molecular Geneticist
Liverpool Regional Genetics Laboratory
Dr Helen StewartConsultant in Clinical Genetics
Oxford Regional Genetics Centre
Dr Mary SweeneyClinical Molecular Geneticist
Institute of Neurology
Dr Yvonne WallisClinical Molecular Geneticist
West Midlands Regional Genetics Service
Jacquie WestwoodUKGTN Director
(providing commissioning advice)