Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Workshop November 2013

Written by Jacqui Hoyle on 18 November 2013

NGS Workshop November 2013

UKGTN and the Association of Clinical Genetic Science (ACGS) hosted a workshop on the 13th November 2013 at the Royal College of General Practitioners.  Scientific representatives from UKGTN member laboratories were in attendance.  The workshop focused on a review of the UKGTN gene dossier form for NGS submissions and the ACGS reviewed the NGS best practice guidelines.  The agenda included an excellent presentation by Dr Caroline Wright detailing the experience of exome sequencing in the DDD study. The workshop was interactive and the revised gene dossier is expected to be available for download by UKGTN member laboratories at the end of November.   The NGS best practice guidelines are being revised following the review at the workshop in preparation for publication by the ACGS.