UKGTN Symposium at BSGM Conference 23rd September 2014

Written by Jacqui Hoyle on 15 October 2014

UKGTN participated in a symposium at this conference: UKGTN and New Genetic Testing Services on Tues 23rd September (9-10.30am).  Professor Sian Ellard and Dr Fiona Stewart chaired the session.  The presentations are available to download below:

Jacquie Westwood UKGTN DirectorIntroduction to UKGTN
Dr Fiona StewartChair of UKGTN Genetic Test Evaluation Working GroupGenetic Test Evaluation Process
Dr Shehla MohammedUKGTN Clinical Advisor Clinical Utility and Outcomes
Dr David Gokhale Deputy Head of Molecular Genetics, Liverpool Regional Genetics LaboratoryNESP Panel
Dr Maggie WilliamsHead of Molecular Genetics, Bristol Regional Genetics LaboratorySteroid Resistant Nephrotic syndrome (SRNS): UKGTN NGS panel testing to direct therapy and intervention
Dr Jo WhittakerUKGTN Scientific Development AdvisorAudit of Testing Activity and Costs
Jane DellerUKGTN Programme ManagerGenetic Testing Rates 2011/12 
Jacquie WestwoodUKGTN DirectorInfluencing Commissioning