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NHS Genetics Services – the UK Catalogue

In April 2014, the UKGTN and Healthcare UK held a joint workshop to explore international opportunities for genetic services. Healthcare UK works across the Departments of Trade and Industry and Health to promote UK business...


Array CGH testing for learning disability- when is it worth it?

This briefing presents the results of an economic evaluation comparing the costs and benefits of using array CGH as a first-line test for learning disability within NHS clinical genetics services. 

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN Audit in 2012/2013 to Compare Genetic Testing Activity and Costs for Tests Recommended in 2007/2008/2009/2010

A report providing information on the activity and costs associated with new tests recommended for service through the UKGTN Genetic Test Evaluation process in the four years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 was endorsed at the March...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN Molecular Genetic Test Activity Rates in the United Kingdom for 2011/2012

On an annual basis the UKGTN collects activity data from member laboratories to calculate rates of genetic testing for the UK population.  The rates are based on healthcare commissioning boundaries e.g. by clinical commissioning...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN Guide to Centres with Specialist Expertise for Rare Genetic Disorders

The ‘UKGTN Guide to centres with specialist expertise for rare genetic disorders’ provides details of specialist genetic services – clinical and laboratory – that are provided in the United Kingdom by Regional Genetic Services and...

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN Meeting Report: Genetic Testing for Neurological Conditions

The PHG Foundation organised a conference, on behalf of UKGTN, to raise awareness of the latest developments in genetic testing in neurological conditions.  The conference took place on the 26th February 2013 at BMA House. 65...

Jacqui Hoyle

Marfan Syndrome Workshop to develop UKGTN Testing Criteria 5th September 2012

UKGTN organised the workshop that took place on 5th September and was attended by invited clinical geneticists, cardiologists, molecular scientists, genetic counsellors and Chair of the Marfan Association UK. Bart Loeys attended from Antwerp University Hospital as a key expert on the condition. A meeting report was published in December.

Jacqui Hoyle

UKGTN 3rd Biennial Report - Celebrating 10 years of UKGTN

The UKGTN 3rd Biennial Report was launched at the UKGTN 3rd Biennial Conference on the 22nd November 2012 and details key achievements and developments between April 2010 and March 2012.

J Hoyle

ArrayCGH Technology as a First-Line Test for Postnatal Referrals with Developmental Delay/Learning Disabilities

ArrayCGH is recognised as a rapidly emerging technology capable of replacing standard diagnostic methodologies and enhancing NHS diagnostic services.  In order to faciliatate the implementation of arrayCGH technology for genetic...