UKGTN Reports/Guidelines

The UKGTN has published reports on a number of key work items which are available for download here.

Genetic Units (GenUs)

Genetic Units (GenUs) have been developed by the UKGTN and the Association for Clinical Genetic Science (ACGS) to measure genetic laboratory activity. 

UKGTN Molecular Genetic Test Activity Rates in the United Kingdom

On an annual basis the UKGTN collects activity data from member laboratories to calculate rates of genetic testing for the UK population.  The rates are based on healthcare commissioning boundaries e.g. by clinical commissioning groups and are compared and reviewed to inform levels of provision and future service developments.

UKGTN Guide to Centres

This guide was first published in August 2013 and revised December 2013.  The guide will be updated on an annual basis in March following approval of new tests for NHS service through the UKGTN evaluation process.

UKGTN Biennial Reports

The UKGTN publishes a biennial report highlighting the work undertaken in the previous two years.  This work is aligned to the annual work programmes agreed with the Department of Health and the UKGTN Clinical & Scientific Advisory Group.

External Enquiries to UKGTN

The UKGTN can be contacted through an enquiries phone line and e-mail address that is available on the website under contact us.  UKGTN publish an annual report summarising the enquiries received during the last financial year. The enquiries range from clinicians wishing to know where to send a patient sample for testing to members of the public asking about how they may be able to access genetic testing on the NHS.

Website Usage

The UKGTN website is a valuable resource for the public, healthcare professionals and laboratory scientists to access genetic testing information available in the NHS.  UKGTN monitor the usage of the website to ensure it continues to be fit for purpose.  UKGTN publish an annual report summarising visitor traffic during the previous calender year. 

Commissioning Support

Reports are available from workshops/conferences/audits that are intended to directly support or inform the commissioning of genetics services in the NHS.

Testing Criteria Development

Testing Criteria are developed for all new tests that are evaluated by the Genetic Testing Evaluation process.  The concept of Testing Criteria was developed in 2005 to provide referral guidelines for genetic diagnosis for each new test by indicating clinical features of the genetic condition and the types of referrers expected to order the test. A wide range of genetic testing has been available prior to the introduction of Testing Criteria and the UKGTN has an intention to develop Testing Criteria for all the tests that it lists. The process to develop Testing Criteria for tests available prior to 2005 is by workshop for the high volume tests that are available from a large number of laboratories or by collaboration with the current providers. Reports from the workshops are available here.

Collaborative Projects with the PHG Foundation

The UKGTN collaborates with the PHG Foundation on a number of projects. Reports from these projects are available here.