Laboratory Membership

UKGTN laboratories provide a professional, robust and sustainable service and meet a wide range of professional quality assurance criteria.

Any accredited laboratory and located in the UK can apply to become a UKGTN member to provide genetic testing services for the NHS. Applicant laboratories must be willing to cooperate with the wider network of laboratories. Member laboratories are required to provide information when requested to UKGTN to allow audit of service provision and to ensure continued compliance to quality standards.

Categories of Membership

There are two categories of membership 1) Diagnostic Provider and 2) Technical Service Provider.

1) UKGTN Diagnostic Providers

These laboratories offer genetic analysis, clinical interpretation and reporting. They conform to clinical governance standards and will have clinical accreditation such as Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) or equivalent. They are usually, but not always, associated with a local clinical genetics department.

2) UKGTN Technical Service Providers

These laboratories provide an analytical service for UKGTN diagnostic service laboratories. They do not provide the clinical interpretation and report only to the referring diagnostic laboratory. It is within this context that technical service laboratories are UKGTN members and UKGTN does not endorse their services other than those provided in collaboration with a UKGTN diagnostic provider laboratory. These laboratories will comply with standards such as ISO 17025.

Evaluation Process

Laboratories wishing to become members are required to submit a completed application form to the UKGTN Administrative office at The application form will be evaluated by the Laboratory Membership and Audit Working Group when it next meets.  The application form and further details on the process and criteria for laboratory membership are available to download below.

Listing services provided by UKGTN laboratories

Diagnostic providers are listed on the UKGTN online database with full details of all the UKGTN approved tests including levels of service, reporting times, and NHS prices.Technical service providers do not list details of the tests offered by the laboratory as they are members only for services provided directly to Diagnostic Providers for NHS patient referrals.