Policies and Procedures

Current UKGTN policies for supporting the network can be found here. UKGTN policies are developed by the Project Team in consultation with the relevant working group (s) for final approval by UKGTN CSAG.  These policies relate to laboratory membership, genetic test evaluation and communications. 

UKGTN Communications Strategy

The aim of the UKGTN Communications Strategy is to support, enable and lead the UKGTN in sustaining and improving the service it provides to promote equitable and high quality genetic testing to all NHS patients in the UK.  The strategy outlines all communication activities between our stakeholder audience including the public, patients, healthcare professionals and government organisations.  The strategy will be updated to reflect changes in communication activities and to highlight the progress in communications for the previous year.

Laboratory Membership

Policies relevant to support the laboratory membership of UKGTN are available here.

Genetic Units (GenUs)

Policies relevant to Genetic Units can be found here.

Service Level Definitions

Definitions of the service level fields assigned to UKGTN test services are provided here.