Commissioning Reports

Reports are available from workshops/conferences/audits that are intended to directly support or inform the commissioning of genetics services in the NHS.

Evaluation of the use of arrayCGH in the diagnosis of learning disability: report of a UKGTN working party

This reports on the use of arrayCGH technology in the context of its use for learning disability. It provides a description of the technology, epidemiology of learning disability, clinical context, the value of genetic diagnosis, a survey of developmental work on arrayCGH in UK laboratories, systematic review and meta analysis, economic considerations and recommendations.

Review of Commissioning Arrangements for Genetic Services and Strategic Recommendations

The report outlines a suggested commissioning specification for specialised genetics services and recognises that non genetic clinicians are increasingly using genetic testing for diagnostic purposes which will be commissioned by PCTs/Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Commissioning Guide: Ophthalmology services for patients with inherited eye conditions

Following the PHG Foundation in dept review of ophthalmology services for patients with inherited eye conditions, the UKGTN worked with the PHG Foundation to develop a commissioning guide.